Coexistence with nature

Blue Hole Textile has been aiming to coexist with nature for many years. Water is the lifeblood of dyeing, and we have been using the clear stream water flowing near the factory for dyeing. In order to appreciate the rich gifts of nature and carry out sustainable production activities, Environmental protection is one of our most important missions. We have established strict voluntary environmental standards for wastewater treatment, which greatly exceed public standards. Equipped with the latest facilities. Thoroughly purify through environmentally friendly ozone treatment. In recent years, the popularization of recycled fibers has gradually gained recognition worldwide for their environmental advantages such as resource conservation, waste reduction, energy consumption reduction, and pollution reduction. Our goal is to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by replacing heavy oil boilers with liquefied petroleum gas boilers. In this way, we will continue to spare no effort to maintain our coexistence with nature.