Feel the luxury – Choose velvet

What you need to know about “velvet”

Velvet has long been the fabric of choice for looks, and in addition to being used in dressmaking, it can also be used to make furniture.

However, many people may feel that having velvet furniture in their home would be too classy and extravagant, not only is it not easy to take care of, but it also doesn’t have the warmth of life. But in fact, velvet can be a practical choice for any home, read on to find out why.

Highly utility

Velvet fabric looks more ornate than most textiles, but that doesn’t mean that it is less useful in the home. This is because it is available in a variety of forms, from large decorations to smaller objects, and not only that, but people can decorate their houses to their liking.

Historical roots

There are several schools of thought as to when and where velvet originated, but it is widely believed to have originated somewhere in the Far East, possibly China around the 13th century. Velvet then traveled west along the Silk Road and became very popular during the Italian Renaissance.

Manufacturing process

With the development of technology, the machines and equipment used in velvet production have become more advanced and efficient. The automation of production equipment such as looms and shearing machines has increased, and production efficiency has improved. More kinds of materials can be used in velvet production. These materials can bring different textures and characteristics to velvet.

Cleaning method

The easiest way to do this is to incorporate it into your regular cleaning routine. If you accidentally spill a stain on it, velvet is usually treated with a stain repellent and you should immediately blot the stain gently with a damp towel. Once the stain dries, it can become difficult to treat, and since velvet is made with many types of yarns, it’s best to consult with the manufacturer to find out the best way to treat it.